Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I want to return to my blog with more than technological musings. It has been a couple of years since any writing, so thought I would come back to more comments.

Not much more on the library tech tools. I have all the notes available, so I can continue to try out the new items in the future.

Still "longing" for library experiences or work in this field. It is a tough field to get into. But there are probably opportunities in other ways, not necessarily the more traditional avenues. It will be important to work on finding people to talk to about the possibilities.

Maybe another post in less than 2 years next time!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Online Image Generator #6

Again, I am stumped on this one due to the fact that I have only one photo on my Flickr account. I want to move on to number 7, but will try to get some additional pictures in soon to make some sort of Big Huge Labs project. All these tools are helpful for visual presentation materials.

More Flickr Fun #5

I played a little with the items on #5. Since I only have one picture in my Flickr account at this point, there is not much I can do at the moment. Whether people will be able to find my photo may remain a mystery.

Splashr would be fun if I could get several pictures with the same hue. Then I would like to do a mosaic. Spell with Flickr created letters that to me are too large for my blog. Flickr Color Pickr was fun to look at, but not of too much immediate value to my blog. All of this is again helpful for promotional materials for organizations of all types.

Flickr #4

Interesting. I was able to set up a Flickr account. I added a picture of my shih tzu. But had to adjust what I had done to try and add 23 Things on a Stick as a tag. Still not there yet. Not sure if tag should be 23 Things on a Stick, or would 23 Things work too.

This is a good way to communicate visual images in groups. It could be used for meeting notes or records of what happened in a community activity. Sort of an idea bank for sharing ideas for what libraries can do to encourage people to use the resources of the library.

Anyway, I will move on to #5 and see if it will offer me more information. I will need to continue to add to my knowledge of this, but I have to move on.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

RSS Feeds #3

I used Bloglines to set up my RSS feed. The video was humorous and entertaining along with being educational. It was very easy to follow the directions at bloglines and on the main 23 things page.

Next step has been to figure out how to cancel some features and leave on only what I want to keep up with. This could be a mess, or more information than is helpful. I am still working out how to limit the information to what I need and only that. Otherwise it appears to be useful.

Looking for help out there? Trying to check other blogs but again the dirth of information? Where to draw the line?

I just added a link to the Hennepin County Library page at that was easy. There will be many more I am sure as I learn more about what to do. Still need help in getting rid of stuff I don’t want. Thanks for the ideas.

Overall, a good way to keep up to date with a variety of information. And also to stay connected to the technology that is driving so much of current day communications.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What is Library 2.0? #2

What is Library 2.0? L2, as it is termed, is a set of tools to connect with the current trends in internet and online communication. It is the library version of Web 2.0.

Where will libraries put these tools to use? In interactions with patrons, colleagues. As a way to complete tasks and manage information.

Relevancy appears to be an earmark for moving into the new world of online information. There does not seem to be any way to continue in information provision without being aware of the need that many, especially younger but many boomer as well, patrons methods for accessing information are electronic.

The computer and the internet cannot be ignored, and are wonderful tools to use in accessing, storing and retrieving information.

Books will not go away. It is too lovely to sit in a comfortable chair, enjoying the pleasure of reading from a physical book. But information needs are often conscious of time constraints, to a greater extent in this rush world of ours.

The electronic tools developed so far (RSS, Wikis, podcasts, blogs among others) may provide other ways to connect with this information and with others.The main effort is too learn how to use these tools, and then use them appropriately.

Learning new things is fascinating. Libraries are an educational institution, and as such are places where people can learn alone and in groups. What a great place to grow in personal and professional abilities.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Enter the world of bloggers with something to say? Hopefully. A new experience for me. I am looking forward to learning more about the tech tools of today for today's libraries. No turning back!